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Brian Riordan

Software Dev Manager

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I am a technical producer on IGT's online gaming team. I have developed and managed the development of some of IGT's and Konami's top performing slot titles. I also really enjoy exploring data to improve processes and products.

Some of my projects are below on the website.

When not at work or coding, I enjoy running, playing guitar, and scuba diving.

Latest Projects

Python code/graph

Using ML to Predict Home Prices

This project uses a Kaggle Iowa housing data set to build a regression model using home features to predict the sales price. It also calculates the features that have the largest positive and negative impact on the price. This is in the top 30% of the competition it uses a single regression model, some feature engineering, and hyperparameter tuning. The data and Jupyter notebook are on github.

See it on Github

Marathon Visualization

Surf City Marathon Web Scraping and Visualization

This project scraped the Surf City Marathon results website and created a visualization to explore the data. The Web scraping was done in Python using Selenium to navigate the site and Beautiful Soup to parse the html and import the data into a dataframe. The visualization was created in Tableau. The link to the visualization is below, and the script and data are on github.

View the Visualization


Console Game Visualization

This project looks at the differences in ratings and genres for PS4, Switch, and XBox One games. Wrote a Python script to pull data via's API, and created the visualization in Tableau. The link to the visualization is below, and the script and data are on github.

View the Visualization


Missile Commander

Missile Commander is an arcade style Android/Kindle game. It also implements Flurry analytics.

You can play a WebGL build here

Get it on Google Play Get it on Amazon

Space Shooter Game

Space Shooter

2D Space Shooter arcade game. Destroy all the asteroids. Left arrow moves left, right arrow moves right, and space fires. Coded as part of a 3D Buzz class

You can play a WebGL build here

Tile based Platformer Game

Tile based 2D platformer

2D tile based platformer. Collect stars and avoid the traps, cannons, and enemies. WASD to move, space jumps, and the left mouse button fires. Coded as part of a 3D Buzz class.

You can play a WebGL build here

VTS - Vertical Trajectory System

VTS - Vertical Trajectory System

A system to allow rockets to reach higher altitudes by using long burn low thrust motors, and active stability to maintain a vertical trajectory. The initial version used moveable canards, the second version used cold gas thrusters. I developed the software and electronics for the project. The electronics use a PIC 16F627 and a Dallas DS232. The software outputs PWM to r/c rate gyros, and communicates with a laptop to allow parameters to be setup prior to launch.

See the electronics

Recovery Timer

Rocket Recovery Timer

Designed and constructed a timer to deploy the parachute on high power rockets. This uses a PIC 16C84 as the microcontroller. A sealed g-switch is used to detect lift off and power MOSFET is used to fire the electric match used to deploy the parachute.

Other Projects

Beer Recipe Database

Developed a beer recipe database using PHP and MySQL for a local homebrew club. Recipes were catagorized by style; all-grain, partial-mash, extract; and name

Test Status Dashboard

Created a dashboard that shows metrics on our games in QA. This also highlights games with approaching deadlines, or metrics that are over specified limits. Developed this with SQL stored procedures and Excel. Adapted this dashboard for other teams that saw it and wanted one for their projects.

More on GitHub

Work Experience

Senior Producer - IGT - IGT (2020 - Present)

Produce 1st and 3rd Party online slot games, including IGT's first US omni-channel game with shared shared liquidity (on the NJ Wheel of Fortune link), and several bespoke games for key customers.

Game Engineering Manager - Konami - Konami (2018 - 2020)

A hands on role managing a studio and a team of up to 15 developers creating games on Konami's Dimension, KX43, and Concerto cabinets. Including the Quad Spin China Shores game featured at the G2E 2019 trade show.

Engineering Manager - Evolve Game Studio - IGT (2016 - 2018)

Manage a team of 17 developers creating premium games on IGT's Ascent platform with the Unity Game Engine

Engineering Manager - Ignite Vegas - IGT (2014 - 2016)

Manage a team of 10 developers creating games on IGT's Ascent platform with the Unity Game Engine

Senior Manager 3rd Party Game Dev - IGT (2008 - 2014)

Manage a team of 20 developing some of IGT's top 3rd Party Games, including Hot Roll, Golden Goddess, Black Widow, and Shadow of the Panther; on time and on quality. Managed engineering and tech art on 60 new titles.

Senior Manager International Video Engineering - IGT (1999 - 2008)

Manage a software team of up to 30 developers creating video games and developing custom OS features for international markets.

Senior Software Engineer / Game Designer - Bally (1993 - 1999)

Senior Software Engineer - Wrote software in C and assembly for gaming machines. Wrote code for new communication protocols, new games, and new jurisdictional requirements. Wrote and tested 64 bit RNG implementation for two hardware platforms. Model Development Specialist - Design new games. Perform probability calculations for new games and bonuses. Wrote software in C and VB to simulate game play, and demonstrate new ideas.